Field Trips

In which we profile chefs, restaurants, community gardens, schools, botanical gardens and other urban garden experts and locations. Because an urban garden is so rewarding and adaptable that everyone wants to have one! We get inspiration by learning how the pros make garden and food things happen.

Borrow These Pro Photo Tips and Trends
You don't need pro equipment to snap the best food shots at dinner or in a trendy new restaurant. But[...]
Gallery: Small City Garden Ideas for Urban Spaces
Looking for small city garden ideas? This gallery of images from Richmond's Oregon Hill neighborhood shows how you can carve[...]
Mold and Cold: Inside a Growing Urban Mushroom Farm
The word “farm” conjures up images of sunny rolling hills, green with rows of fresh vegetables. But visiting a mushroom[...]
Visit the Game Birds at Beaver Creek Farm
Beaver Creek Farm raises quail, pheasant and other lean and flavorful game birds on five acres of land in Varina,[...]
Why Chefs Love Lambstock at Border Springs Farm
A hundred pounds of raw beef. Two giant gaping grouper. Cases of pickled peaches, foraged mushrooms and rare whisky. This[...]
Visiting an “Oyster Farm” – Are They Plants or Animals?
Are oysters a plant or an animal? Many vegetarians eat them, claiming they reproduce like plants and feel no pain.[...]
Craft Baker Revives Virginia’s Local Grain Growth
In his book The Third Plate, chef Dan Barber argues that chefs have the power to change the way the world eats.[...]
Turning On the Holiday Garden Lights at Brookgreen
We visited the winter garden lights display at Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach. It gave us a lot of ideas[...]
The Real Cost of Local Home-Grown Strawberries
Garden strawberries are a tempting item to add to the urban garden, but may not be worth it. I was[...]
Starting a Winery Garden at Upper Shirley Vineyards
Upper Shirley Vineyards just outside Richmond didn’t really plan to have a winery garden. But with so many farm-to-table restaurants[...]